My new book

emotional experiences at the edge of the sea

«In the sandy beaches, in the rocks, in the waves, in the algae that illustrate this book, we see Stieglitz’s “equivalents", Minor White’s “for what else they are” or the “more than a rock” of Edward Weston. What we see reflected in these images is not the sea, but rather the idea and the feeling that the sea awakens in each of us. Each and every element portrayed by Isabel become gateways to a parallel dimension, that is very personal but to which we are invited, where we can discover the sea of our dreams»

From the foreword by Rafael Rojas


This project was born from my need to create a personal world through the art of photography. For that purpose I searched for the raw material on the seashore. My subjects were the water, rocks, sand, algae and some of the dwellers be found there. However, it was not so much be about them and reproducing their physical appearance, but rather the world of feelings and emotions that could be built around them.

The body of this work mainly consists of intimate landscapes and details where I combine abstract and figurative aspects. The images evoke features such as mystery, simplicity, naivety, harmony, peace, dynamism, beauty, chromaticism, plasticity or clarity. The 133 photographs in the book are distributed over 184 pages and in 5 chapters, each one dedicated to the sensations that the 5 protagonists of this peculiar world convey to me. Every detail of the book, its design, the paper and the printing quality, have been addressed as part of the creative process. The book itself is a poetic object to me.

The photographs were taken along the Spanish Atlantic coast. The proximity of the places has been important, both from the emotional and logistic perspectives. Time and a strong emotional tie is needed in order to familiarise yourself with the landscape, embrace it and develop an idea in detail. Many of this book’s photographs remained hidden from myself until well into the project. In order  to reach the necessary receptive mental state and see them, I have needed to listen to the waves and rain, smell the algae, feel the buffeting of the wind, see the stars in the sky and to wake up in the sweet morning light.


Printing has ended

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